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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Me, Myself and My Kitchen!

This is how my story begins, My husband took me out on a surprise vacation to Koonor, Devashola resorts. The serene beauty of the hills, the chirping birds and squeaking squirrels (they were many) was bringing out the best of nature and the cool, fresh breeze just made it better! While enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxing our senses in a 150 year old bungalow, I came across a book on Healthy Cooking and Simple Recipes! And behold, I forgot all about my surroundings latching onto the book which took all my interest. My hubby started laughing and told me that I have become an addict to cooking and learning ! J That’s what got me thinking, why not I start spreading my passion for cooking in this beautiful place and lay the foundation with my first blog!!!

I am Vandhana, and I was working as a Software Professional before giving birth to my beautiful and naughty son Aarav. Motherhood kept me busy, but I had a lot of time in my hands since I have never  stayed at home full time! My husband was my inspiration for cooking as he loves to try out all types of cuisine and loves to eat whatever I cook J I started trying my hand in Italian cooking, expanding to many types of bakes and pasta sauces, now expanding to North indian, Mediterranean, Thai  and more!

My recipes are old, borrowed and new with a dash of innovation from my side. Last minute additions of some ingredients or a change in the cooking method have always made my recipes somewhat special. The basic problem arises while making international cuisine is the limited number of ingredients available in our country (I am from Chennai, india) and the vessels that we use for cooking these dishes. My innovative style mainly deals with substituting these ingredients with something more close to international flavors and hence retaining the same taste we find in international cuisine. These are tried and tested recipes by my best critics – My parents and friends J Some have been disasters, some have turned out incredible and I am here to share with you only my well turned out recipes!! J
Hope you guys like my recipes, and being an amateur I would love some tips from you on how I can make them even better, so please don’t forget to give me your feedback!

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